Over the past few years Bitcoin has made giant strides to become a store of value, positioning it as “Digital Gold”. With Central Banks creating ever more fiat money, Bitcoin has become a safe haven for an increasing diverse set of people. As an example, MicroStrategy announced the purchase of $1B in Bitcoin. They believe “Bitcoin will provide the opportunity for better returns and preserve the value of our capital over time compared to holding cash”. Despite the increase in adoption, there is an important problem that Bitcoin did not solve: Peer to peer payments.

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This problem in fact can…

StellarBattle update. Announcing winners and battles going into voting.

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Hey everyone! Welcome to an update on Stellar Battle. If you don’t know Stellar Battle yet you can read about it here.

Due to personal circumstances, you haven’t heard from us for a while. We are sorry for that and are working hard on finishing everything from the backlog. It definitely feels good to be able to go full steam ahead again! This article will update you on what you can expect in the coming time.


Battle Designs and Voting

The initial set of battles had deadlines. When not enough articles were submitted before the deadline, the battle was extended. From the community feedback…

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We asked you to come up with the most inspiring, funny, educational or maybe even sexy New Year’s wish...

And you delivered!

More than 50 New Years' wishes were submitted through Reddit and Twitter for this “special edition” Stellar Battle. A 1,001 XLM prize pool is divided amongst the best entries. After the deadline, the top 10 wishes were picked based on number of upvotes/likes.

Without further ado, the winning 10 entries are...


#1 u/Importantbreath 501 XLM

“Let 2020 be the year that we hate less, be more friendly to each other and above all take care about our environment/planet.

Enjoy the short…

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The Stellar Content Battle is a community-driven (and funded) contest. Content writers are asked to write content on a specific subject. The best submissions win (part) of the community-funded prize pool. Read more here.

It is very special that the first Battle reached a total prize pool of 2073 XLM, with 5 excellent submissions! Thank you to everyone who was involved!

The First Battle

The first subject to write about was: “How to use Keybase to send Value”?

A total of 5 writers submitted an article. Through a community voting round the winner was picked. …

The Stellar community can now push for specific content through the community drive Stellar Content Battle.

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Good content on cryptocurrency projects is sometimes hard to find. The Stellar community, for example, has been looking for more and better content for quite some time. Most often, the Stellar Development Organization is the usual suspect that is asked to write more content. But, in line with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, can’t we do this more decentralized?

The short answer is; YES WE CAN!

So, how do we create more content together?

  • We can only do this if we do it together. That’s why we need the power of the community.
  • It should be fun. Who doesn’t like a little competition?
  • And finally, we need some incentives…

Stellars inflation mechanism gives every holder 1% in new tokens a year. This means that someone holding 100 tokens now, will hold 101 tokens next year. Generally one of the reasons mentioned for such a mechanism to exist is to incentivize spending. This article assesses to what extent the current implementation does this and to what extent it would actually be needed to incentivize spending through (currency supply) inflation.

The difference with fiat inflation

It’s important to distinguish how this is different than regular inflation (in fiat money).In regular fiat, new money is created by people that take out loans.

This new money does…

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Why does Bitcoin have value? A question that has had many different answers. Often times it is compared to gold, calling bitcoin a digital store-of-value. Other’s say that Bitcoin should be a store-of-value before being a medium-of-exchange. But how legitimate are these statements?

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

“Bitcoin Is Digital Gold; It’s Digital Scarcity”

Toxic waste is scarce but is not valuable. Conun coin, the least valuable token on coinmarketcap, is scarce, but neither that has value. So there must be more to it. To find out we’ll compare the history of gold with that of Bitcoin.

After barter, grains and beads were used…

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Introducing a Stellar Day!

Unexpected gifts are much more fun than expected gifts. Then why do I need to ask my favorite podcaster for his bank account before sending him a small donation? Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just send it to his Twitter account?

We are very proud to announce a Stellar Day, which enables you to do exactly this.

Step 1 — Download Keybase at keybase.io

You can send an unexpected gift to anyone on Twitter or Reddit using the Keybase app. Whether that’s your favorite podcaster, a charity, friend or family member.

Step 2 — Create your wallet…


Initiator of aStellarDay.com -> Send money to any social media account| Initiator of Stellartorch.com| Innovation manager | No financial advice

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