Stellar Battle Results — New Years Wish Battle

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We asked you to come up with the most inspiring, funny, educational or maybe even sexy New Year’s wish...

And you delivered!

More than 50 New Years' wishes were submitted through Reddit and Twitter for this “special edition” Stellar Battle. A 1,001 XLM prize pool is divided amongst the best entries. After the deadline, the top 10 wishes were picked based on number of upvotes/likes.

Without further ado, the winning 10 entries are...


#1 u/Importantbreath 501 XLM

“Let 2020 be the year that we hate less, be more friendly to each other and above all take care about our environment/planet.

Enjoy the short time we have on this beautiful planet. Whish you all the best in 2020 and please let us all be more tolerant no matter someone else’s background. We have to live all together!”

#2 u/Ahad1988 | 200 XLM

“Hope this year will come with a war free world 😍 Happy New Year Everyone!”

#3 u/XIMcoincom |160 XLM

“I hope medical researchers continue to produce new treatments for previously untreatable illnesses.”

#4 to 10 | 20 XLM

  • U/Manjeet923
  • u/VHwin
  • u/Honkaponka
  • u/informalchain
  • u/Crypto_deus
  • @multiversocrip1
  • @Andreas30607153

A big thanks to everyone that participated, voting, donating or just reading all those amazing wishes! All of the prizes were sent through Keybase to the corresponding Reddit or Twitter account. If you are a winner and did not link your account to Keybase yet, please do so, the prize will then automatically show up!

I want to wish you a Stellar 2020. I think if we, the community can get together around shared goals, we can realize many great things!

I want to end this article with my personal favorite wish, by @Multiversocrip1 on Twitter:

It’s a payment solution.
Fast as lightning, just the same.
Keep an eye on this evolution.
Stellar #lumens is its name.

A new year is around.
May #Stellar be well ranked,
from sky to underground,
for the banked and unbanked.

Stellar #XLM is freedom.
Happy 2020!

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